Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Valentine's Day Kiss

What would life be without sisters?
We recently had pictures taken of the girls (supposedly for Valentine's Day presents...). After we finished Ally's pictures we took some of Emma. After a few pictures, Ally couldn't take being out of the spotlight any longer. We asked her to give Emma a kiss. This is that picture.
The "third sister" is Kelsey, Emma's favorite baby doll and imaginary friend. She's in the picture because Emma wouldn't part with her. They have many wonderful adventures together. I often hear about Emma's day from Kelsey's point of view. Why Kelsey? There have been two special Kelsey's in Emma's life - my cousin and Trista's niece. My cousin Kelsey played with Emma on the trampoline and played soccer with her during a visit to Detroit last summer. Emma still calls the mini soccer ball from Kelsey "My Kelsey ball." Trista's niece visited with us just before Allison was born. Trista's sister Bobbie and her family live in Waynesboro. They drove to Roanoke to visit Trista, Abby and Ethan when Trista came down to help me. Kelsey took Abby and Emma through the McDonald's Play Land. She was a big hit.


Kary said...

Love the bathroom...maybe you could find a print/picture to put in the box?? It looks like a frame..

Melissa O. Markham said...

Beautiful picture!