Thursday, December 14, 2006

Thirteen Things about Michigan, its People, and its Places
1. We have absolutely no accent (assuming you're not from the UP).
2. It's the only state that allows you to use a body part to show outsiders where you grew up (assuming you're not from the UP).
3. It has the best fresh water beaches along the west side (Lake Michigan).
4. It's one of the only places Madonna won't go.
5. School isn't cancelled based upon a meteorologist's preminition of a 1/4 inch of midnight snow.
6. Where do you think that Eminem and Jack White got their inspiration?
7. It allows the most liberal (Michael Moore) and the most conservative (Ted Nugent) to thrive within its borders.
8. The best blueberries in the world are grown in Grand Rapids.
9. Where else can you go to Hell and Climax in the same day?
10. We got rid of Gerald R. Ford first.
11. Christopher Reeve once walked with Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman on Macinac Island.
12. American Pie is based upon my home town.
13. Only those who rock are allowed!
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Mark said...

13.3 We are not obsessed

Jennifer said...

13.36 Most of us, anyway... ;)