Friday, January 20, 2006

Emma-gging for the Camera

Emma is at such a fun age. She is starting to understand and fully participate in traditions. She may be a little on the sassy side, but you've never heard funnier stories than hers. Wait until she tells you about her dog, Jade, and her cat, Rainbow. I've never had a more loyal companion in all my days - no offence to all non-Emma readers out there.

Emma loves to have her picture taken almost as much as she loves to chew bubble gum.

My sweet angel loves to cuddle with her babies and stuffed animals - anything soft.

This was the first year Emma helped decorate the Christmas tree and she took that job VERY seriously. She liked to put several ornaments on one branch but soon learned to fill in the empty spots. Danny set up the tree and strung the lights beforehand. He was watching us put the ornaments up from the couch. After a few minutes, Emma noticed and said, "Aren't you going to help us, Daddy?" She had a great time and we had a great time with her.

Emma may not "like" Santa, but she loved what Santa brought her. The Cinderella Vanity was perfect - just ask Allison (if you can't find an accessory, look for Ally).

Best of all, our Miss Em is forever goofy and making us laugh. When she's around, life couldn't get any better.


Melissa O. Markham said...

Great Pics, Jennifer!

Trista said...

Emma suddenly looks so grown up! Like she's five instead of three. What a beauty queen with her make-up table. Too precious!

Trista said...

I am just wondering if we're going to see another post in the near future? I need my updates, man! ;)