Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Emma's Easter Package

Emma got so excited last night when I told her that the package I found on the front porch was for her. I got so tickled when she pointed to herself and said, “The package is for me?” It was an Easter package from Emma’s maternal birth family. We opened it as soon as we got upstairs. Even Ally got in the spirit. When I put the package on the kitchen table and Emma climbed on a chair to start opening it, she was nipping at my heels to get “Up! Up!” herself. Two sets of eyes got really wide when Emma opened the gift to reveal a box full of popcorn and Easter candy. Before I could say a word, Emma closed the box (nearly on Ally’s fingers) and said, “We need to put this up until we eat supper.” I walked over, took the box from Emma and put it on the counter. From the look on Ally’s face you would have thought I’d taken her pacie and blankie baby away. As soon as she started howling, Emma went over and started loving on her. I was the softy. I opened the box and took out a small bag of jelly beans and said that it would be okay to have a few while I fixed dinner. Emma sat next to Ally and judiciously passed out some jelly beans. The girls were happily quiet for a few seconds before Emma said, “Allison, we can only have a few jelly beans, okay? We need to eat our supper.” Ally immediately replied in agreement, “Kay.” And to my amazement they did only eat a few jelly beans. Neither got upset when I took the rest away. Emma is growing up to become a wonderful big sister.