Friday, April 28, 2006

Oh, Yeah! One Last Thought for the Week

With my doctor’s appointment Monday and Emma’s traumatic fire drill experience,* I completely forgot to report back on “God or the Girl”. So, here goes:

I enjoyed the last episode but I could have lived without the long recaps of each of the men’s stories. I imagine they did that in case there were first time viewers. Annoying, but forgiveable.

I was not surprised in the least that Joe decided against the priesthood. I really never got the sense that he was called. Without calling into question his faith, it felt more to me like he only considered it to make his parents happy. I know another pleaser when I see one.

With Dan, I felt that his decision could go either way. I wasn’t far off – he decided to stop the discernment process for a while and just be. He didn’t feel God had shown him where he was called. After watching the recap of his story, the carrying of the cross seemed almost unrelated to his discernment process. His meeting with Amber was the turning point. Not carrying his cross. I don’t think that it was a stunt or a ploy. All the same there was a disconnect there for me. Did anyone else get that feeling?

I was open and honest about the fact that I would have been disappointed if Steve chose not to join the seminary. For some reason his story spoke to me. I got chocked up when he told his home parish that he was going to start his priestly formation after finishing up with his work in Nebraska. Too bad I live in the Richmond Diocese and not the Arlington Diocese. Still, it’s not to far to attend one of his masses someday – assuming he doesn’t become a missionary.

I was really happy that they did a follow up six months later. I’m glad that each of them are at peace with their lives and with their decisions. I am very thankful that A&E created and broadcast this show. What a wonderful tool for youth ministry.

*She’s using the bathroom now, but I literally had to drag her in to the bathroom in the pediatrician’s office because she saw the fire alarm inside. She calmed down after I locked the door to prevent her from escaping, but she kept her hands over her ears the entire time. I asked the doctor about what happened. He said that children with a lot of ear problems can be hypersensitive to noise. That should clear up as she grows and her inner ear matures.

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