Tuesday, June 06, 2006


I haven't been able to do nearly as much blogging and reading as I would like to these days. Things at my 9 to 5 are becoming increasingly unsettled. We only have dial up access at home, so I used my breaks and lunch time to do most of my posting and surfing. That won't be the case any longer. If I haven't visited your site in a while, please don't think it's because I'm too busy for you. That's not the case. From here on in, I will have to put up with the snail's pace I have at home.

Note to all politicians: I will vote for anyone who will work to get DSL service out here in the boondocks. People may think otherwise, but we're not all salt-of-the-earth farmers or hicks out here. Some of us just want to get away for some peace and quiet - perferably with high speed Internet access.

The good news is that this will mean much less time doing nothing in front of the TV. This may very well break my Law & Order addiction. Danny will be most pleased.

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Melissa O. Markham said...

Have you guys thought about satellite ? That's what we use in our neck of the boonies. It's more expensive than dial up...but with all the money you are going to be saving on diapers, I bet you could swing it!