Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Prayer Request

I have a friend who is quite in need of prayers. For the past two years or so, S has been very sick with one infection or the other. She’s had three surgeries during that time and the level of infection increases with each one. They have found that her lymph nodes are flooded with infection and she’s started to have a lot of inflammation over the past couple of weeks. Since then, a mass of inflammation has grown in her breast. She saw her gynecologist yesterday. The news is not great. She had an MRI yesterday and is scheduled for several needle biopsies on Thursday. The doctor wants to rule out inflammatory breast cancer. Her symptoms are consistent with this form of cancer. Given her history with abscesses and infection, it is possible that she has a large abscess in her breast. Although that is what we are all hoping for, this is not good, either. If her abscess were to burst, it’s very close to her heart and lungs. S is hoping that the doctor taking the biopsies will be able to make an educated guess based on the type of fluid he gets. Otherwise, she won’t know until some time next week.

Please add S to your prayers. She really needs them.


the quists said...

I prayed for S and for her doctors and nurses too. Thanks for sending the work out. :)

Trista said...

I'm praying for S. She's been through a lot.