Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Banner Day

Today I got my first listen to The Killers new CD. Although reviews are mixed, I'm loving it! That being said, the first single is entitled, "When You Were Young." I think that someone is really trying to tell me something. ;)

I've discovered that Adobe FrameMaker has saved my life (figuratively, of course). I can't tell you how much I love it. I'm beginning to feel a little bit like a nerd about it. I have set a reminder up on Outlook to remind me to get ready to pick the kids up. I'm sure that the luster will fade over time, but it's such a wonderful application that creates such professional looking documentation. I doubt I'd ever be interested in working at another company unless they used FrameMaker.

Last but definitely not least, the kids are really getting to be so darn cute together. One of my favorite things is to watch them dance aroud the living room to the Wiggles. We have to get that on tape. Can I tell you how darn cute Emma looks when she's shaking her hips like Wags the Dog?

Speaking of Emma, she is growing up right under my nose. SHE CAN SPELL HER NAME. Where did my baby go? I was watching her from across the room the other day and for a flash I didn't recognize her as the maturing preschooler that she is. She getting so lanky and expressive. I know that I'm going to keep having those types of flashes for the rest of my life. It's incredible. She is really starting to get knowledge from her music and gymnastics class. She mentioned the cello one day and I told her that was one of my favorite instruments. She then went on to describe the type of sound it made (I can't remember the word - I'm illiterate when it comes to formal music), but I was shocked because it sounded right to me. ;) She also knows the names of various gymnastics positions and can show you how to do them. She's one smart cookie.

Allison is really growing socially. She talks a lot about Joshua and Regan from her class. She also knows the names of all the teachers in her building along with their rooms. She's a firecracker, and the teachers seem to enjoy her antics. She's getting ready to move to the next room and her current teachers are sad that she's leaving. They say that she prevents them from having to go after the kids. She's right there telling the other kids exactly what they should be doing. Apparently, the kids listen to her, too. She's processing what goes around her. When something happens, she's sure to ask "What happened?" I will overlook that she takes delight in that question when Emma's being punished. She won't go to bed at night without giving each and every one of us a "kisshug." It's so adorable.

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