Monday, October 30, 2006

They Didn't Cover This in Our Adoption Homestudy

On our way to daycare and out of the deep blue sky, this morning Emma announced, "I just pooted (passed gas) with my vagina."

I always assumed that I would be able to talk about any such topic with straight forward facts. No problem, right? If I hadn't been driving, I might have tried to run away. I'm not sure why this embarrassed me.

I didn't want to leave her statement unanswered. It felt like the big pink elephant in the car to me. I now know how my Dad must have felt when I asked him (as part of writing my paper against Tipper Gore and her "assualt" on music) what he thought the lyrics, "Good golly Miss Molly / You sure like to ball." The color drained from his face and he said, "Uh... oral sex?"

So, I took a quick breath and this is the best I came up with: "Uh... That happens to me sometimes, too."

If a four-year-old can make me roll up into a giant ball of embarrassment, what do the years ahead hold?


DD said...

OK. Now there's one I don't have to cover. Of course, what I did have to have a talk about some time ago was "why does my penis get hard when I play with it?"

I deferred to my husband for that one.

Trista said...

I think I would have died. Literally.

Or at least put my fingers in my ears and said, "lalalalalala - I can't hear you!"

Melissa said...

Jennifer, I think you had a great response! Remember, we don't have to tell everything we know, we just have to respond to what's on their mind. It was an odd thing for her and you acknowledged it and let her know it happens to you sometimes too. Great job! Pat yourself on the back! And now I know what to tell Katrina when that happens here...I can tell her that sometimes it happens to Jennifer too;) BTW, we have a dog now (don't know if you have heard) and every now and then she will nose at Katrina's privates. I tell Katrina to tell her know and push Maggie away. Katrina's's okay, Mommy, it tickles...I just stick to my story of people don't like to have dogs nosing their privates and she should tell Maggie no.

Donielle said...

I laughed out loud at this one...thanks for sharing the story!