Monday, September 04, 2006

Strange Day

Danny usually eats part his breakfast in the office. When he walked out this morning, I asked him if there was any news. Watching The Wiggles and Higgly Town Heroes doesn't keep you up on the world's happenings. He hadn't checked anything other than email. Danny went back into his office and our attention returned to Playhouse Disney. Not long afterwards, Danny came back out and said that something had happened. My thoughts immediately went to terrorism. I was shocked when Danny said that Steve Irwin was killed by a sting ray. After that, today felt much like the day Princess Diana died. Why? I'm not quite sure. He's a celebrity just like Diana and his death was an accident. Still, I didn't even like the guy when he first came on television. For a while, I was - jokingly - calling for his death every time he held a huge snack or entered a swamp. All those times he should have won a Darwin Award left him perhaps maimed, but always excited to be alive and teaching others about nature. In the one place he was pretty well safe, he lost his life. It's crazy how life works.

I think the fact that he leaves behind a wife and two young children that hits home to me. God bless Steve Irwin's soul. God bless the family that he left behind. May they find comfort in that he died doing what he loved doing most.


DD said...

When my husband told me, I thought he was telling a joke: "Crocodile Hunter was killed by a stingray..." because I knew stingrays aren't aggressive. So sad for a man who was very careful to die by such a freakish manner.

I thought of his family a lot yesterday, too.

Trista said...

I really liked Steve Irwin and his family. They are celebrities that I knew I would like in real life, too.

I am really, really sad for Terri and the kids. It makes me weepy just thinking of it.