Thursday, February 01, 2007

Carnival of Cotton Candy

A local grocery store sponsored an in-doors carnival at the Civic Center. Danny, the girls, and I joined our friends and had a great time. The kids seemed to have fun on the rides, but you can't tell that by these pictures (which I couldn't get full-sized).

Emma is on a boat in case you can't tell.
BUT, they certainly enjoyed the cotton candy! This was Allison's first encounter and her messy, messy face and hands tells the entire story.

And in this picture you can see just how well the "I'm a cat" cleaning technique works and the fact that Ally can now where her hair in a pony tail! You go, girl!

Emma was an old pro at the cotton candy game. She took charge of who got what. Jackson wasn't sure what to think at first bite, but he fell into its many charms just like Allison.

After the carnival we all went to "Old McDonald's Playland" for lunch. Emma was such a mother for Jackson. I can't wait for the kids to grow up just a little bit more so that they can play.
Nicole and Charles are great new friends, too (even though this is just about the kids...)


DD said...

Look how BIG she's getting! Holy moly. I think you need to update your profile pix.

Jennifer said...

DD ~ you are absolutely right. I'll have to get a new picture taken.

Trista said...

I thought my kids were the only ones that call it "Old McDonalds"... heehee! We just had our first cotton candy experience a couple weeks ago, and Abby and Ethan were big fans.

Oh, the lure of that sugary web of tastiness...