Monday, February 05, 2007

Emma Fashionista

While getting ready Saturday morning, Emma decided that she had to wear the skirt Grandma gave her for Christmas and a t-shirt. Since it was too cold to go outside, I let her wear what she wanted. Allison, which should come as no surprise, followed right behind her. At some point after I'd put in their "hair bows," Emma told Allison that "if you want to wear a skirt, t-shirt, hair bows, and flip-flops, you have to wear lips gloss.

Here are my beautiful girls wearing exactly what Emma prescribed.

P.S. Emma also thought it was "darn cute" to wear her skirt to bed that night and over her navy jogging pants the next morning to church.


DD said...

Ah, yes. The crazy things we let kids wear, just to keep the peace. Such an easy thing to compromise on really.

Trista said...

This sounds just like Abby. She wears tights and skirts EVERYWHERE. She wears tights and skirts to bed. She wears tights and skirts to school. She plays dress-up with tights and skirts.

It is a battle not worth fighting, I think. And just think - someday those skirts are going to be barely butt-covering, so let's enjoy the time now when we have some control over them.