Friday, March 31, 2006

Emma and Allison

Out of boredom, curiosity and because I’m counting down the minutes before my vacation begins, I googled “Emma and Allison.” I was somewhat shocked to find seven pages worth of links. Many, many couples have two daughters named Emma and Allison – with Emma being the older daughter. How crazy is that? I enjoyed looking at the pictures of the “other” Emmas and Allisons. They were very different from mine, but just as happy.

It makes me wonder what processes the other parents went through to pick just those precise names. Have they always loved the name Emma since they were dating? Did their hearts pick the name Allison after their sister mentioned that she liked the name but couldn't use it because of her soon-to-be husband's ex-girlfriend? I'm sure that each story would be different. Still, unique sets of parents with unique life experiences have named their children the same names in the same birth order. It makes me wonder what else I might have in common with them.

I don’t dare googling “Danny, Jennifer, Emma and Allison.” That would be too spooky! If you're curious too, google the names of your children and let me know what you find.

Until then, have a great first week in April. I'll write a post about our "bacation" when we get back. Only 15 more minutes until I'm out of here!


Melissa O. Markham said...

I put in Jack and Katrina which brought up 24,800,000 hits on google. The whole first page was about reporters named Jack writing about Hurricane Katrina...when the name Katrina first popped up for a hurricane, we thought it was neat...but when Katrina became such a memorable event, it became a bit of a millstone around my lovely child's neck.

Have a wonderful vacation!

Trista said...

Abby Ethan = 444,000 results
Abby Ethan [BB#3 boy name] = 179,000 results
Abby Ethan [BB#3 girl name] = 92,000 results


And if you can figure out the two names based on this, you are a genious. ;)

Jennifer said...

I'm sure that as time goes by that Katrina will recapture her beautiful name. :) It can't be a hurricane forever.

Trista, all I can say is that you are evil for posting the results for future baby names as well. Now I know what I'll have to do during my free time... ;)