Friday, March 31, 2006

The Murphy’s Law of Family Vacations

We’re getting ready to take our first family vacation outside of Michigan, Ohio, Virginia or Pennsylvania since our honeymoon. On Sunday, our family will be joining my parents and my Aunt Donna and Uncle Dave on a trip to Charleston, South Carolina and possibly Savannah, Georgia. Other than meeting up with a family friend and a hotel room, we have no specific plans. I’m pretty excited about seeing family members outside of familiar territory. What could possibly go wrong?

The girls have been pretty darn healthy since Allison’s seizure at the end of January. Since our trip is in April, I didn’t worry about them getting sick. The winter is over and beautiful spring has sprung. Well… I should have known better. Last night, I picked Allison up from day care with a temperature. It was a low grade fever so I was hoping that it was due to teething. Worse case scenario, I was hoping she had an ear infection – something quickly remedied and non-contagious.

I gave her some ibuprofen before bed hoping that it would ease her pain and fend off more fever. She did fine until 12:30. She woke up hot as a poker and felt like she was having tremors. I gave her some Tylenol, got her some water, took off her pajamas and tried to get her to back to sleep. She slept fitfully on and off the rest of the night. As soon as she had eaten some breakfast and her morning dose of ibuprofen kicked in, she was running around after Emma as if the night before ever happened. That seemed suspiciously like an ear infection to me. Sure enough, after cleaning a lot of wax out of her ears (she’s a waxy girl), the doctor said her right ear was getting hot. After asking the doctor to join us for our vacation (no such luck), I filled her antibiotic and took her to daycare thankful that this came up before we left.

Now we just have to hope that Emma keeps healthy… That’s not too much to ask, right?

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