Monday, March 27, 2006

When Toddlers Turn - Part 2

Allison was quite the mischief maker over the weekend. It could have been spring fever, too. I thought you’d enjoy going along for the ride:

1) Saturday morning Danny called his parents. Allison was sitting on the couch with him at the time. As soon as he hung up, Allison started chanting “Phone! Phone! Phone!” She’s very familiar with phones and calls them by name. Danny handed her the phone and she started playing with it. She pushes number buttons and sometimes hits the call button as well. She calls numbers twice and then Danny took the phone from her and put it up. Not a minute later, the phone rings. It’s a call from the county. I pick up and the man on the other end asked if anyone had called 911. I was mortified. I explained that my 17 month old had been playing with the phone. He clarified that no one needed the fire department or police to stop by. I told him no, unless they can do something about an unruly toddler. He laughed. I was still mortified.

2) Next I gave Allison a bath. She was playing nicely in the tub with her squirt gun. I noticed something behind her that at first looked like a washcloth. I thought I had hung the washcloth up. I turned around and, sure enough, I had. I stood up to get a closer look at what was in the tub. Without giving me the normal indication that she was pooping, Allison had pooped in the tub. Perhaps there is something to that water birth theory. Normally pooping is a minor to major production to her.

3) Yesterday we had to get out of the house. Spring fever was upon all of us. We were planning on eating out with Granny and PawPaw. First we went to Sam’s Club. They have the type of carts that allow two children to sit strapped in to seats. That’s where Emma and Allison were. Toward the end of our shopping excursion, Allison reached over and pulled a chunk of Emma’s hair out. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw how much she actually got! Poor Emma! She didn’t scream or cry. I think she was in shock or was more interested to see what happened to Ally. Usually Allison laughs when I try to discipline her. This time she wouldn’t even look me in the eye. She could tell that she had crossed a line with me. This did not bode well for our dinner out.

4) Allison is not ready for sit down restaurants. We hadn’t been there for more than 15 minutes when she was tired of the Teddy Grams and was tired of the crayons. She started in on chanting, “Up! Up! Up!” We tried walking her around and letting her play in the entrance to work out her energy. We didn’t have a sippy for her and we knew that she was not going to sit and eat any food when it arrived. Danny ended up taking her Toys R Us to get a sippy. He didn’t get back until after we’d finished eating. She wasn’t very cooperative at the store, either. She is a typical toddler who would rather do anything than sit still.

I love toddlers. They are a lot of fun and a challenge. If you feel that you could use a challenge some weekend, give us a call. It would be very difficult for us to part with her. Still... I wouldn’t want to hog her all to myself… ;)

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