Monday, March 13, 2006

“She’s My Girl”

When I dropped Emma off at daycare today, Ella, Lexie and Charlie were sitting at a table playing with play dough. They ran up to her right away. Even though these are all her friends, Emma started to get clingy to me. Ella is always excited to see Allison and played with Allison’s foot. Lexie tried to give Emma a hug, but Charlie got to her first. He grabbed Emma by the hand and said, “She’s my girl.” He then led her over to the table. Emma appeared sad that I was leaving, but she sat down next to Charlie and picked up some play dough. I let my thoughts wander to her wedding day off in the future. I would love to hear my son-in-law say those words the same way as he leads Emma off to their honeymoon. I want her life to be full of love and romance.

Now I’m going to go and cry. Emma’s wedding day isn’t so far off in the distance as I would like to think. I kind of like her being her Daddy’s girl right now.

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Trista said...

Don't start thinking of her wedding yet - you've still got years to save your money for the gala! ;)

But who am I to talk - the idea of preschool sets me off.