Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Funny How You Can Miss the Forest for the Trees

There has been so much going on since Christmas. I actually wrote down a list for my therapy session this morning so that I wouldn’t forget. A vast majority of them dealt with one loss or the other: loss of regular routine; loss of patience; loss of opportunities to rest; loss of trust in a priest and institution; loss of a wonderful employee; loss of a good friend at work; the loss of family friends. No wonder I’ve been feeling blue. Loss means change. Apparently I’m not as comfortable with change as I thought I was. I can't say that I left my session feeling golden again, but at least I found another perspective to think about. Knowledge is power.

2 comments: said...

Do you have a good therapist? I have been collecting little funny things to send you.

Jennifer said...

I do have a very good therapist. Without her help, the medication alone would not be doing nearly as much good.

I just spent the weekend in Michigan for my nephew's baptism. I haven't had a chance to work on anything. I flew into Detroit and there were absolutely zero postcards or any other memorabilia from Grand Rapids. Not a single tulip or wooden shoe. I'm keeping my eyes open now. It will give me something fun to focus on.

BTW: You're right about Crowded House being from NZ. Close enough to Australia, right? I can be such a stupid American sometimes. NZ never even came into my radar until "The Lord of the Rings." Pathetic, simply pathetic.