Thursday, January 25, 2007

Recent Developments

Allison has started to tell us that she loves things. After I got back from my whirlwind Michigan weekend, I gave her the Dora hat that my mother sent back for her. “I love my hat!” she cried immediately upon seeing it. She’s pretty happy to wear it and also enjoys sleeping with it at night. There is no doubt that she really does love that hat. She also loves different articles of her clothing, my clothing (it warms a mother’s heart), Ms. Misty (her teacher), a hair clip, Raffi, and, most recently, a stuffed, squishy Snoopy doll/rattle. “I love my doggy.” Thank goodness Emma hasn’t paid attention or doesn’t remember that Snoopy is, er… was, hers.

Emma’s latest development has been to become more helpful without being asked. While I was on the above mentioned trip, Danny was amazed at how relatively easy my absence was because Emma was there to help him out. She’s helped me so many times with Allison over the past couple of weeks. This stretches outside of the home, which makes me so proud. On Tuesday, I got a note on her daily form from Ms. Lil. Lil said, “Emma was such a good helper for me today with one of her friends. Emma is an awesome girl.” I was so tickled to read that. Apparently a little girl was moved up to Lil’s class and was having a really hard time with that. Emma kept putting her arm around the other girl’s shoulder and played with her until she felt better. What a special, loving little girl.


DD said...

I love that change that is actually associated with realizing the world is not just about them, but those around them as well.

Nothing makes me feel like I'm doing a good job parenting when my son tells me 'thank you' or 'I love you' without me prompting or saying it first.

We weren't smart enough to go witht he Sleeping Fairy. We used a gate. We're mean.

Thanks for the recognition, BTW. Favorite candy bar? Hmmmm. How about a KitKat, but I want to share it with the girls. They can each have a half, OK? Tell them it's from one of your computer friends and we'll be even.

Jennifer said...

I will be perfectly honest and say that mean ways are usually what I would turn to first. Danny doesn't work that way.

You will be by far their favorite of mommy's computer friends!

Thanks for giving me the idea!

DWC said...

Well FYI...a gate was the very next idea on my list if the Sleep Fairy hadn't worked so well! I imagine it'll come to that in the future when dealing with the inevitable contempt for our familiar fairy.