Wednesday, January 17, 2007

On Organizing My Blog

The idea behind Our Shady Tree was to keep everyone up-to-date on my family. This blog really ended up being more about my struggles with life, depression, anxiety, weight issues, therapy and other things that have happened that are far removed from my family-life. I would like Our Shady Tree to finally be what it is intended to be: stories, pictures, joys, and struggles of raising my daughters and being part of a modern American family.

I want to start another blog specifically for those posts I write in the middle of the night about me and my adult, not necessarily family-related, experiences in life. That way, if you are interested in my family, you don’t have to weed through 500 novels before you find a picture or a story about my children. The only thing standing in my way is a name for this new blog. Any suggestions? If your suggestion speaks to me and I use it, I’ll send you the candy bar of your choice and will dedicate my first post to you.

To get started, I’ve already created a new blog ~ 52 Books or Bust. Yes, I’ve challenged myself to read 52 books this year and write a mini, non-professional level review about each. And I thought the “30 Posts in 30 Days” bloggers were crazy. Any bets on how long it will take before Danny has to have me committed? Do they have books, laptops, and high speed Internet access in those padded cells these days?


DD said...

Your new blog title could be somewhat related to Our Shady Tree by calling it Shades of Gray which somehow epitomizes how our minds wrap around thoughts and feelings - never truly clear, and always shifting and changing.

Mark said...

A blog about yourself is like a release valve... its an outlet to help you deal with your own stresses. I think you should call it "AutoTherapy".

DWC said...

Gently With A Chainsaw

Trista said...

Since your posts seem to center on introspection and change, I suggest "re-engineering Jennifer." Or, as dd suggests, you could keep the theme and call it "In My Shadows" or something indicating that this blog shows the "shady" parts of your life.