Friday, November 04, 2005

Constant Craftiness

I enjoy cross-stitching. I thoroughly enjoy stitching something for someone I care about. It is so relaxing to me that I could spend an entire day working on projects. I am looking forward to the day when Emma and Allison are old enough to learn. I realize that they might never become as enchanted with it as I am. I will try not to take that personally (please don't bring up the fact that I've not forgiven the teenagers I student taught for mocking The Old Man and the Sea)… No pressure, girls, but it would make your Momma proud!

My current piece will one day be a pillow for my Aunt Donna's kitchen/dining room area. We found it while she came down for a visit out of one of my many magazines. I’m working it on linen, which means that I’m stitching over two threads. There are a bazillion colors included in this pattern, but the effect is so beautiful. I haven’t worked on something with such wonderful shading since I stitched the Madonna Magnificat for my Grandma. I have been promising Aunt Donna a sneak peak for a while now and I thought I’d just include everyone. I scanned a picture of the entire project to date as well as a smaller sample. The smaller sample better shows off the detail. I hope that she will love it as much as I do!

If anyone has any wishes, let me know. I can’t promise anything. I have my own house that I should really start decorating. I want to start making more handmade cards. Trista keeps giving me a hard time about not working on scrapbooks for Emma and Allison. Peggy keeps wanting me to delve further into decorative painting and quilting with her. The desire and demand for craftiness just never ends. Oh, and before I forget, my family likes to have quality time with me, too. :) Still, you never know what I might pick up when the stitching bug bites next…

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DWC said...

Two major things I want everyone to know about your stitches are, they're ALWAYS in time and they ALWAYS save 9!