Wednesday, November 16, 2005

When the Mommy is Gone...

Emma and Allison continue to amaze, delight and make us laugh more and more each day. I thought I would share some of the funny things that happened with Emma and Allison while I was gone this past weekend:

Chuck E. Cheese – Apparently the Chuck E. Cheese costume left quite an impression on Emma over her birthday weekend. She was timid and scared when he was around, but she’s found a hilarious way to deal with her emotions. Danny said that one evening they were all in the living room. Emma put her socks on her hands, walked over to Allison, started patting her head and body in a weird “Mr. Roboto” way and said, “I’m Chuck E. Cheese! I’m Chuck E. Cheese!” I die laughing every time I think about that. I wish I had seen it the first time. She was more than happy to repeat it with me. We’ve got to get that on tape!

Ring Around the Rosie – Emma pulled out one of our foamish play mats that we have over the tile floor downstairs (we’re not sure if it’s to protect the kids or the floor…) and asked Danny to play Ring Around the Rosie with her. Allison must have been watching them like a hawk the entire time. When Danny and Emma got off the mat, Allison jumped on and started playing Ring Around the Rosie by herself on the mat! Danny said that afterwards she would pull out the mat and play RAtR each time they went downstairs. Danny even got her to play with him – again, we’ve got to get that on tape. I can’t wait until this weekend.

The Pooh Chair – This last cute story happened this morning. The girls were watching Maisy. Allison was hovering around the television, unsure if she wanted to watch or find something to play with. Emma was sitting in the Pooh chair drinking her morning juice. Allison walked over to where Emma was sitting, turned around and parked herself on Emma’s lap. Danny and I instantly erupted in laughter. It was so cute! It reminded me of the time Grandma and Grandpa visited for Emma’s first birthday. Dad was laying on the floor on his side. Emma walked right over to him – as if he were her chair – and sat herself down on top of his legs. The Emma/Pooh chair didn’t last long. We think our laughing startled Allison and Emma was none too pleased with being sat upon. I’ll have to remind her of that the next time she struggles to get Allison to sit with her on the couch.

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