Thursday, November 10, 2005

Gettin' Scrappy

Warning: Please be sure to remain seated as you read this post.

I am going to start both Emma and Allison’s scrapbooks this weekend.

Whoa, even I’m feeling woozy just writing that sentence. This must be a sign of the Apocalypse! Someone please call Jack Van Impe and Jerry Falwell!

In preparation for my wonderful scrapbooking weekend adventure in Cleveland (Thanks for organizing this, Trista!), I’ve been compiling pictures of both girls over the first three months of their lives. For Emma, this wasn’t too much of a challenge. A majority of her pictures were placed in an album in chronological order. There were some digital pictures that Dad and Danny took along the way. Rounding those up to get printed were no problem whatsoever. Allison was more of a challenge. None of her traditional prints were anywhere near an album (I gave up cataloging my pictures after Emma’s first birthday). However, they were on my desk. That was the easy part. Two thirds of them were taken on one of three digital cameras. All total, I had to review 300 pictures of Allison and about 100 of Emma. Of those 400 pictures, I selected to print around 270. They are now all printed and waiting to be packed. I have to admit that I’m more than a little overwhelmed at the daunting task ahead of me. I’m happy for the experience all the same. It has been wonderful to relive those first few months with my girls. It’s even been therapeutic. Given her tummy trouble those first few months, there are a good number of pictures in which Allison is crying or screaming. I just got so tickled looking at them. I didn't think once about what a sheer nightmare some of those times were. Danny should be afraid… very afraid…

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