Tuesday, November 15, 2005

No Tears for Mommy

I really enjoyed my scrapbooking getaway with Trista and her family near Cleveland. I want to thank the Schmidt girls for taking me in as one of their own! I had such a good time talking with everyone. Trista, your nieces are the neatest young women I’ve met in a long time. What a neat family you have! Your in-laws are even great! I can’t wait to see the pictures taken. Everyone made such great memories.

We all got so much accomplished. If you could have been there with us when we showcased our own work, you would have been amazed. Our styles and subjects were so different. We each made one diamond page as a challenge and they all blew me away. It is one of the favorite pages I did that weekend. I finished 14 pages and got through Emma’s first Halloween. It was a far cry from getting the first three months of both girls’ lives scrapbooked, but it was such a boost to my motivation to press on and get caught up. I’m going to finish Emma’s first month and then start on Allison’s. I look forward to the challenge. Once I get caught up, I’m planning on learning more techniques and improving in the craft. I would love to learn all about embellishments. This one little piece of pink ribbon Trista suggested really made a difference in the last page I finished.

I had a great time with everyone, but I still missed my family. Due to traffic issues, I didn’t get home until nearly 9pm Sunday night. Emma was in her bath and she was so happy to see me. It really warmed my heart. I would have imagined that Allison would have had the hardest time with my absence, but our Daddy’s girl really missed her Mommy. Danny had the “good fortune” of dealing with that. It was hard on him, but I have to admit it made my heart feel good. I also didn’t have to wait until morning to kiss and love on Allison. She was up on and off the entire night. I normally would have been exhausted, but I really enjoyed the night-time snuggling that night. The next morning at daycare, Allison must have smelled the sausage biscuits (her favorite breakfast food at Honeytree), because she ran up to Ms. Rachel as fast as she could and started begging for them. She didn’t drop a single tear or even whine when I left her. She was practically pushing me out the door with her eyes so that she could eat. How’s that for treating the Mommy you’ve barely seen since Monday? For the most part, she’s a Mommy’s girl. As she continues to grow, I think that she’s going to be our independent little spitfire.

I did so great on my program while I was gone! I can’t tell you how proud I am of myself! I used some of Weight Watchers’ Tools for Living. I asserted myself and let people know what I was doing. I also planned out how I would handle traveling and eating. There were yummy snacks and sweets everywhere and I wasn’t really tempted at all. In fact, Tracy put a big bowl of Hershey miniatures on our table and I barely gave it a second thought all weekend. I had my eyes on the prize – I wanted to be proud of myself when I returned. It paid off. I feel great AND I lost 4.2 pounds on my first week back at Weight Watchers! Yee Haw! I learned again that you don’t have to eat food to have a good time.

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DWC said...

I guess all the tears for mommy came from me! :-)