Wednesday, November 23, 2005

They Might Be Giants

This week, Allison moved from the baby room to the early toddler room. Typically, this room is for children aged 16 to 24 months. The daycare is doing some restructuring at this point, so Allison transitioned a little early. She’s ready for the change. They haven’t rearranged the baby room she’s been in since her first day yet. It is still more geared toward early infants than to babies entering toddler hood. The other toddlers in Allison’s new room are 4 to 6 months older than she is.

By all accounts, Allison is having a blast! There are kitchens and other fun toys to play with and explore. She eats with the other children in a table that has holes around the edge large enough to accommodate the plastic chairs that slip into it. It’s a lot more social environment. Instead of sleeping in cribs, cots are pulled out. I have to stop by and see her sleeping at lunch some day soon! I remember watching Emma sleeping on a cot for the first time. I can’t tell you how cute it was.

In the old room, I didn’t pay any attention at all to Allison’s height. Most of the babies in her room could barely sit up. There was no basis for comparison. Now there is. She has been eating everything in sight since her birthday and it’s starting to show. She’s no shorter than a boy four months older than her! Okay, this should come as no shock to me since her father is 6’ 7”. Still, she was so darn tiny in every way when she was born. The girl could wear a 0 to 3 month onsie until she was nearly 10 months old. She’s no longer my little mini-baby. Part of that makes me proud. Part of that makes me sad.

Before you think I’m going to get all mushy about it (and I could), I most of all think it’s hilarious! You should see her in some of her pants! She has a 12 month sweat suit that was a gift from my Aunt Mary and Uncle Dave. It’s adorable. I finally dressed her in it this week. Well, if I dry this outfit after it’s washed, she won’t be able to wear in anymore. It would look like shorts on her. The tips of the cuffs do not touch her shoes. That in and of itself isn’t necessarily funny. What’s hilarious is when you step back and take in the whole pair of pants. If she was wearing suspenders, it would look like a clown’s pants! Her waist is a good two inches too small. You can see her diaper all the way around! Who needs pockets when you can wear pants like that! I truly think the only thing holding those pants up were her stout legs. The pants fit perfectly there.

The day that my daughter becomes taller than me will probably arrive sooner than I think. I am going to enjoy these days now when I look down at her with joy and pride. The fact that she’s not my mini-baby does give me a twinge now and then. It's true. But, that’s nothing compared to the twinges my neck is going to give me when I have to look up to the sky to see my beautiful little girl.

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