Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Imitation of Life

Both girls are going through different phases where imitation is everything. Some of those things are more humorous than others. You don’t realize how much you are being watched and studied until it comes back at you from a toddler or a three year old!

One morning, Emma had taken off one of her socks. Danny was ready to take the girls to daycare. He asked her where her sock was and she couldn’t find it. After finally looking in her bedroom with no luck, she threw her hands up in the air and yelled, “Shoot!”

Lesson learned by Emma’s parents… Be careful how you express your emotions. You’re teaching your children how to react.

Last night, Allison was holding one of Emma’s small plastic dolls. Danny plays a game with the girls that Emma calls “Boing, boing”. It started with Danny carrying Emma around in a hopping motion. It became tossing the girls over his head. When Emma says, “Boing, boing”, Danny knows what she means. Danny was playing this game with Emma in the hall. After he finished, he looked and there was Allison lifting the doll over her head repetitively. Where was the camera??? Danny and I were so tickled.

Lesson learned by Allison’s parents… Have fun with your children. It’s part of how they learn to be parents someday.

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