Thursday, November 03, 2005

Emma – Worldwide

One of Danny’s greatest passions is music. He’s always on the lookout for something new and incredible. One way Danny discovered to find new music and new mixes of old music is through a podcast. A podcast is like a mini-broadcast of music that's made available on the Internet as a streaming or downloadable MP3. Podcasts aren’t restricted to music. Any audio source can be used to create a podcast. In fact, CBS just started making Guiding Light episodes available via podcast. And some bloggers provide "audio blogs", where the blogger basically talks about various subjects in a podcast instead of writing about them. All you need is some software, an idea and some patience.

Danny has a great deal of music in his repertoire. He has a huge collection on vinyl, cassette, CD and in MP3 format. The more he learned about podcasts, the more he wanted to experiment with them and share his collection with anyone else who might be interested. He created his first podcast and published it on Ashamblesburg in September. While working on his second installment, he discovered just how much Emma loved to sing into the microphone on his computer. She loves to hear herself sing, especially when Danny puts an echo affect on the playback. He has captured her generally being silly as well as singing songs, including her current favorite – My Darlin’ Clementine. Being the proud papa that he is, Danny included a sample of her singing in his second podcast.

Danny puts a lot of himself into his Ashamblesburg blog and his podcasts. He's especially excited about sharing the podcasts. Simply loading them on your blog doesn’t seem to get you that much exposure. Just this week, he registered his podcasts on-line. Since then, his work has been downloaded by people in the US, Canada, Great Britain, France, Sweden and Japan! Emma’s voice has now be heard all around the world! How awesome is that?

You should check it out yourself. Just click on the link to experience The Detuned Revue. Or you can subscribe to the RSS feed to be automatically notified when new ones are posted. You’ll feel like Emma’s sitting next to you on the couch - and that's always a good feeling!

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Trista said...

LOVE the podcast - especially Emma!!! I'm also partial to Vyktoria Pratt Keating, I'm going to have to find the cassette Danny made me. Yeehaw - I will be listening to it a lot, for sure!