Monday, May 15, 2006

Emma’s “Little Cuties”

Emma has become obsessed with bugs – ants in particular. When we’re outside, you’re more likely to find her crouched down with her face near the ground than you are to see her walking upright. Saturday she spent a good 45 minutes in our yard in an area where there are/were a lot of ant hills. At one point she showed me the ants she had caught. There were three or four in the palm of her hand. Only one of them survived the trip from the ground to her hand uninjured. She was completely oblivious. She said, “Aren’t they so cute?” and asked me if I’d like to hold one because they “tickle.” Allison and I went inside first Saturday. Emma stayed outside while Danny put the toys away. He had to stop her from bringing the ants in the house. Emma tried to change his mind by calling them her “little cuties.” All of this has me thinking that Emma was either an aardvark or an exterminator in her previous life. Danny took her to Big Lots this weekend and found a magnifying toy that is used to watch/torture bugs. It looks like she’s well on her way to becoming an entomologist in this one.

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