Monday, May 08, 2006

Gay Pari

I am here in Vegas at the Paris hotel and loving every minute. My first conference isn't until 11am Vegas time so I'm checking in while I have the chance. We got in last night/this morning around 1am Eastern Standard time. I got a second wind that lasted until I finished unpacking. I had the most wonderful peanut butter crepes for breakfast this morning. It was so rich that I'm going to have to save my chocolate/peanut meringue for later. Tough situation, eh?

I had a great flight from Atlanta to Vegas. I sat next to someone who could very easily be Danny's best friend. I took out my MP3 player just as he was taking out his and we spent a good 2 and a half hours listening to what each other has. It certainly made the long flight tolerable. He very much complimented Danny's taste in music and we spent a lot of time talking about early 80s music in Athens. He went to law school in Athens and saw a lot of cool bands. I turned him on to Miracle Legion and the Veils. He introduced me to Luna, Morcheeba and a few other bands that I can't remember anymore. It was nice. I wish that Danny could have met him. I found out the name of his business and I'm going to send him a link to Danny's podcast.

I have a pretty full day of conferences today and I'm looking forward to meeting my peers and getting some new ideas. After that, we're off to Mandalay for dinner at Burger Bar and to see "Mamma Mia". I am so excited!

I talked to Danny this morning and he and the girls are doing well. While he was getting ready this morning, Emma was pushing Ally around in a baby doll stroller. Periodically she was handing her toys, too. I'm glad that they are doing well.

I'm loving life here at the Paris. I'll post again tomorrow.

Au Revoir!

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DWC said...

Kinda sad that you have to chat up strange men on airplanes to drive more people to my podcast. I'm feeling a little like a pimp!

I'm thinking about making some promotional t-shirts. That might be safer than working the aisles. :-)