Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Unit

Emma and Allison are like a unit that has always been together. Every day they become closer and closer. It's a sweet thing to watch.

Tonight we went to Burger King for dinner. Emma picked the restaurant. Apparently, just with Taco Bell, Charlie likes to eat there. It just so happens that our local Burger King has a small outdoor play area. I'm not sure how, but I got them to eat inside the restaurant first. I was going to get a highchair for Ally, but as soon as Emma sat in the booth Ally pointed at the spot next to her and said, "Sit." [I am happy - and a little sad - to report that Ally no longer begins the word sit with a "sh" sound] I figure why not give it a try. You know what, they did really well sitting next to each other. They ate really well and stayed put for the most part. It was fun for me, too. You get visions of what's to come at those times.

Just before we threw our trash away, Emma asked Allison, "Are you my Sweetie Pie?" Ally got a twinkle in her eye, shook her head and said, "No." Even Emma knew she didn't mean it.

Both girls ran into the play area like they'd been forced to sit all day. Emma waited for Ally to go down the double-sided slide and they both yelled, "Whee!" I really wished that I had my camera. There was a gradual set of stairs to the slide area and a traditional playground type set of stairs. As soon as Emma tried out the more upright set, Ally would have it no other way. I stood behind her each time, but she really didn't need me. She handles stairs like a champ. When Emma walked up the slide, Allison walked up the slide. I couldn't believe my eyes. That girl can keep up when she sets her mind to it.

Our beautiful Unit is going to have a lot of fun growing up. Hopefully they'll choose to use their powers for the good. I hate to think what will happen to Danny and me if they ever try to gang up on us...

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