Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Our Weekend with Team M.E.A.T (Minus the M)

We missed you, Mark!

Up until last Thursday, the weather had been cool and miserable for someone desperately waiting for warm weather. Trista, Abby and Ethan were set to arrive for a Memorial Day weekend visit and I wanted the weather to be a pleasant change from Michigan. Well, the temperature far exceeded my expectations. As they say... be careful what you ask for. It was so hot and sticky Thursday afternoon while we were waiting for the gang to arrive that we had to wait inside the local pet store. At some points, it was almost unbearable - for the adults. The four kids enjoyed every moment we spent outside.

We had a wonderful visit with our best friends. I was so happy to have them here. Despite the minor inconveniences (Allison developing croup Wednesday night/Thursday morning, Abby coming down with a viral infection in her hip and backing into a parked car while leaving the pediatrician's office), I wouldn't have traded the weekend for anything in the world. We kept ourselves busy, too. Who rests on a vacation, anyway?

Danny and his father got our swing set put together Thursday morning and the kids had a ball with it. It was so much fun to watch them smile and hear them laugh as we pushed them on the swings. There's something about spending time with kids on swings that makes me ooze parental bliss.

Saturday afternoon I arranged for my favorite daycare teacher to come to our house and watch the four kids. Michelle brought her daughter, Carmen, along too. Trista and I left shortly after 1 that afternoon. First, we did a little clothes shopping. We each found some really cute and inexpensive things at Catos. There's nothing like new clothes to start a wonderful afternoon of sweet freedom. Then, we went to see "Thank You for Smoking." Although this may not seem like much of a compliment because I haven't seen many movies at all in the past few years, I can't remember when I've seen a better, more enjoyable movie. I have found my new favorite movie quote. I can't document it here because I don't want to give anything away. Let's just say that one line from William H. Macy's character is worth the price of admission and then some. After the movie we ate at a nice little sandwich shop just down the street from the theater. We each tried a new adult beverage. Trista chose the Russian Punch and I went straight for Sex on the Beach. What better way is there to cap off a wonderful afternoon with your best friend than eating on the patio while sipping something that does not belong in or around a toddler's sippy cup?

Sunday we went to Amazement Square, a wondeful children's museum in Lynchburg. We met up with T.M. and Miranda there. Miranda is as beautiful as ever and it's hard to believe that she will be four in July. It seems like yesterday T.M. and Michelle brought her over to our house to meet Emma. She couldn't have barely been three months old then. I'm so glad that Trista could meet my good friends from my homestudy group. Everyone had a great afternoon at the museum. I'm so glad that T.M. mentioned this place. It's hard to say exactly what the children liked the best - milking the cow and collecting eggs from the hen house or getting bare foot and painting the walls - and each other. Allison was so inspired by the trip that she didn't sleep a wink the entire hour and a half home.

Monday night we got our pool out. Such a small investment (we got it on sale at Target for $10 or less) paid off big dividends. The three oldest went from the pool to the Elmo sprinkler and back to the pool again for more than an hour. Allison was a little more tentative about it which surprised me. She loves her bath and has no problem getting water in her face. I guess the pool water was a little too cold for her taste. By the end of the evening, Trista and I were in the pool reenacting the grape crushing seen from "I Love Lucy." Our pants got soaked, but the kids absolutely loved splashing around with us.

Tuesday was our last day together. We spent it at the Mill Mountain Zoo and getting Allison's 18 month pictures taken. Thankfully the zoo is small and quaint. I don't know how much more we could have pushed our double strollers around before heat stroke set in. It was such a hot day. On the way to the mall, the temperature read 99 degrees. Allison took some wonderful pictures and we got such a sweet group shot of the four kids. It's sort of become a tradition to get a group photo taken each time Team M.E.A.T and Our Shady Tree get together. I really love that tradition. The pictures come back on June 12. I've already marked my calendar!

Today was an odd day. It felt funny getting back into the routine of getting ready for work and taking the girls back to school. Emma and I both were a little sad on the drive into town. When I sat down at my desk, I felt like I was coming off a three day drunk. Four children under 3 and a half is a blessing - and a lot of work! I must not have showed it, though. One of my coworkers commented on how much more relaxed I was. It all goes to show the power of friendship!

Uncle Danny, Aunt Jennifer, Emma and Allison love our Trista, Abby and Ethan (and Mark) so much! Thank you for blessing us with the gifts of your company. We can't wait until July when we can return the favor! Long may we team together in the shade.


Melissa O. Markham said...

Sounds like a wonderful visit, Jennifer! Amazement Square is awesome!

Now I know who to blame for this hot, sticky weather;)

DD said...

I really wish they wouldn't make "adult drinks" look so pretty or put them in interesting glasses. I'm always having to fend off X's curiousity when they serve my margaritas in the glass that has a cactus stem. Just a styrofoam cup for me, please!

the quists said...

That sounds like it was a really special visit! I am so happy you all had such a great time, and that you got to have a little grown up time too!!! Love you!

Trista said...

We had a great time!!!! Check out the pictures on my blog!

We always forget to get pictures of the two of us together - we'll have to remember in July!