Monday, May 15, 2006

Imitation of Big Sister

Allison is watching everything that Emma does. Last night during their bath, Emma started to wash herself. She’s really good at taking her own bathes and does not like any part of the bath that she cannot do herself (don’t ask about getting her hair washed). As Emma washes her body parts, Allison makes the same gesture on her own body. It is really cute. I told Emma that she was Allison’s teacher. Emma looked up at me and said, “I’m not a teacher.” I said, “Yes you are, look what you’ve taught Allison.” She wasn’t very impressed.

This morning, Allison was imitating Emma again – before Emma even woke up. Emma likes to pretend she’s a lot of different things right now – a dog, a cat, a baby, etc. While I was preparing my breakfast, Allison got down on all fours and started barking (she says “fuff” instead of “woof”). She crawled around and randomly barked. It was hilarious. While I was eating breakfast she added another dimension – she bent her face down to the floor and pretended to eat. I wish that we had our video camera out to capture that. It was too cute.

Speaking of video cameras, we’re buying a new one. It is a Digital 1.5" LCD Screen Camcorder. It is smaller and doesn’t take the quality of video of our current video camera. The advantage is its size. We really want to start capturing more of the kids growing up but we’re hindered by getting the bulky video camera, setting it up, etc… This is more like a digital camera. Once it arrives, we hope to post some videos on Ashamblesburg. We hope that you’ll be seeing more of Emma and Allison in streaming video very soon.

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