Monday, May 22, 2006

It’s a Small World After All

When I first moved to this area, Danny joked about how he ran into someone he knew just about every time he went out. Where I live now is smaller than where I grew up, but not that small. Turns out you can’t even be robbed by someone here who isn’t somehow connected to you. Danny called me Thursday afternoon. As it turns out, the 18 year old who stole my credit card is the friend of Danny’s manager’s son! I could almost sell this plot to a soap opera. Add a few nights of illicit passion to the mix and it is quality daytime television – not a bad way to introduce the child you never knew you had due to the months of amnesia you suffered in the convent hospital on that remote desert island.

1 comment:

Robert s Vander Voord said...

well, I think, even though he is connected to you, he should be stung by a bee, swell up and die. just kidding.

...I hope this it the Jennifer and Danny I know...